Posted on 07-Dec-2017

Maximum Pest Management

4 Steps For A Pest Free 4 Simple Steps For A Pest Free Enviromnent

Step 1 - Food Waste
Whether you are cooking up a storm or catering a feast fit for kings. Be sure to not leave left-over food overnight. Tie up all food waste in large garbage bags and ensure your trash can is tightly closed. If your bin is located outside your premises; be sure to check that there aren't any holes in the bins. Rats are notorious for going through your garbage before the garbage collector.

Step 2 - Food Storage
It's time to get your take away containers and storage containers out from your top shelf. Be sure to store all left over food in sealed containers and best minimise your food waste - giving your guests a doggy bag will reduce the amount of food you will need to throw out. Having easy access to food will most certainly attract pests into your premises.

Step 3 - Closing Doors
You migt be having an open house and i am sure that does not include rats, ants or other pesky pests. These uninvited guests take any openings as an invitation. Doors and gaps coupled with a gourmet spread will 100% attract pests into your property.

Step 4 - Wash Dishes
We all have been guilty of this. Not washing dishes is a really bad idea. Not all of us are blessed with a dishwasher.

Though the holiday season can be fun and exciting, dont let Pests ruin your holidays this joyous season. Have a merry christmas and a very Happy New Year from all of us here at Maximum Pest Management.
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